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Security Officer (Mobile Patrol)

McNine Security Agency runs an effective and optimized security mobile patrol service that is second to none. Unlike our competitors that offer nightly patrol with two to three visits within an eight-hour period, our holistic approach and services involve several critical steps. 

Here are some key considerations:
  1. Develop a Comprehensive Security Plan
    Before starting the mobile security patrol service, McNine will develop a comprehensive security plan. This plan will include an assessment of vulnerable areas, an identification of potential risks, and a strategy for responding to security incidents. The security plan will provide a roadmap for implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of the mobile security patrol service in collaboration with a manned patrol.
  2. Establish Communication Protocols
    McNine will establish effective communication protocols with our team of manned foot patrol and mobile officers, as well as key members of your business, to ensure that important security updates or changes are conveyed in real-time. This will be done through mobile radios and smartphones.
  3. Schedule Regular Patrols
    Patrols will be scheduled during a 24-hr period at irregular and unpredictable intervals, as this can deter potential criminal activities. The frequency of patrols will also be determined based on the risk level of the site.
  4. Utilize Technology
    All McNine mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking technology, allowing real-time tracking of the vehicle’s movement and providing data on patrol frequency and routes.
  5. Hired and Trained Professional Security Personnel
    The success of McNine mobile patrol services depends on the quality and experience of our personnel. McNine ensures that our security personnel are vetted, licensed, and bonded properly to provide security services. We also provide ongoing training on security procedures, safety protocols, and customer service skills to better serve all of our customers.
  6. Regularly Review and Update Security Plans
    Once the mobile patrol service is underway, we will continually review and update the security plan. This can involve evaluating the effectiveness of the patrols, reviewing incident reports, and identifying opportunities for further improvements.
Security Officer (Standing Post)

A well-trained security guard is the most effective deterrent against would-be intruders. Because of this, McNine standing post security services are frequently at the center of every reliable security plan we prescribe. There is no greater peace of mind than having standing post security, whether you are trying to safeguard your home, apartment complex, place of business, school or college, assets, colleagues, family, or yourself. Feeling safe and secure comes from knowing that competent people are working hard to foresee, avert, and control any risks that may arise. When it comes to providing a comprehensive standing post security service tailored to your needs, our personnel are among the best in the industry.

To ensure the safety of your property, assets, and interests, we only employ the most competent and dedicated security guards to man your site 24/7/365. 

Standing post security officers and guards from McNine Security Agency are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in securing buildings and their occupants. The majority of our security personnel and guards have prior military and policing experience.

We look forward to being your company of choice for all your security needs. Contact Us Today for a free quotation, and we PROMISE your business will never be left in an unsafe situation with McNine Security standing behind you!