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Introducing McNine Security Agency

We are regulated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Our management has taken a heuristic approach to risk, which has allowed our company to grow and provide an unparalleled level of service that has always been within the highest customer praise. Our main goal is to become a “one-stop shop” for providing security services, private investigations, and enforcement services. We are working hard to achieve all our objectives and Key Performance Indicators for our stakeholders, customers, and industry regulatory bodies.

To provide optimal service and minimize risk to our clients, we collaborate with Police Forces, Local authorities, and other Law enforcement agencies to ensure that your safety is paramount and that all the legal safety requirements are met. Our security guards hold valid DPS licenses, which are regularly checked. Our staff’s other benefits include being fully trained in Customer Service, First Aid at work, Fire Drills, and Drug Awareness.

Our Values

  • M - Making recommendations that address customer concerns and help solve their security issues.
  • C - Creating value and an effortless customer experience.
  • N - Negotiating deliverables, sequencing, and timing with customer as the lead.
  • I - Identifying touchpoints, processes, training and system gaps that exceed customer expectations.
  • N - Niche marketing of our bundle service that provides maximum coverage 24/7/365.
  • E - Employees that provide personalized and meaningful support and services to our clients.

Mission Statement

Our objective is to provide top end-to-end security services by combining technology with manned security and private investigations to develop smarter, more effective solutions capable of preventing, detecting, and eliminating dangers across all operating domains.

Vision Statement

Our objective is to consistently improve the quality of the security and investigation services we provide, as well as to gain greater market share as our capability to deliver such services improves.

Our Principles

  • Collaborate with other businesses to achieve specific and shared goals.
  • Differentiation qualities in our services, products and pricing that stand out.
  • Reliable Team of highly trained, licensed and bonded security officers
  • Encourage employee participation and teamwork through personalized and group recognition.
  • Reward achievements and successful initiatives through promotion, incentives and profit sharing
  • Constant development and training to improve knowledge or skills for performance or advancement.
  • Technological employment of the latest software and communication device systems.

Explore our comprehensive range of bespoke security solutions, each designed to cater to your unique safety needs.

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Security Officer Mobile Patrol

McNine Security Agency runs an effective and optimized security mobile patrol service that is second to none. Unlike our competitors that offer nightly patrol with two to three visits within an eight-hour period, our holistic approach and services involve several critical steps. Here are some key considerations:

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Commercial Security

Our commercial security services provide optimum protection for your company while ensuring all legal and health and safety regulations are satisfied. Businesses can become exposed to a variety of internal and external risks. Our commercial security services provide a wide range of solutions to keep your company safe.


Corporate Security

The goal of corporate security is to prevent harm to the company, its assets, and its people from both inside and outside the company. Its purpose is to protect your business from harm and make sure it can run smoothly. Effective corporate security is crucial to guaranteeing the resiliency and continuity of business operation, and corporate security policies exist to safeguard the enterprise from any form of illegal behavior and to give legal support when incidents occur.

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Construction Security

Construction security refers to the measures put in place by businesses or individuals to ensure the protection of their assets at a construction site. Construction sites can be particularly vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other types of criminal activities due to their remote location, lack of neighbors or surveillance, and valuable materials and equipment.

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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring offers real-time security surveillance of CCTV footage to protect your home or business from criminal harm and activity. Our CCTV monitoring services employ cutting-edge technology to deliver prompt answers to security risks on your premises. CCTV surveillance also serves as a clever deterrent, effectively preventing intruders from committing crimes on your home.

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Security Training

We offer various training classes including pre licensing guard armed and unarmed training, Baton, Weaponless Defense, Verbal Judo, and Stress Situation Role Playing exercises that give a genuine feel and reaction to different high and low-level stressful situations. We simulate a realistic environment that suits your expectations and follows company policies. Our role players are current and former Law Enforcement officers and prior military who push the training curves and guide the officer trainees in the correct and proper response to the live training session. You will not find a training program that utilizes this Police Academy-like learning system.