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Around-the-Clock Vigilance - Experience the Assurance of Our Advanced CCTV Surveillance
How Does CCTV Work

CCTV monitoring offers real-time security surveillance of CCTV footage to protect your home or business from criminal harm and activity. Our CCTV monitoring services employ cutting-edge technology to deliver prompt answers to security risks on your premises. CCTV surveillance also serves as a clever deterrent, effectively preventing intruders from committing crimes in your home.

Responding to crises and suspicious activity in real-time is part of CCTV surveillance with McNine Security Agency. If the system detects an intruder, fire, or other suspicious behavior, an alarm will be sent to a remote monitoring station, where your CCTV footage will show on operators’ screens within seconds, allowing them to assess the situation quickly. CCTV operators can monitor other cameras to determine what is going on. This is also important for identifying blind spots where intruders could hide, or other incidents could occur.
This remarkable technology enables CCTV operators to contact emergency services on your behalf and speak in real-time with police and fire departments. This call will be made by a McNine security professional, adding credibility to the call, which is critical in protecting police URNs and prioritizing a quick emergency response. 

CCTV Monitoring Professionals

In residential and apartment complexes, we recommend a fully responsive 24/7 monitored CCTV camera system for the utmost safety of your home and/or facility. Through CCTV monitoring by skilled professional operators, this form of monitoring will provide the highest level of security protection.

McNine Security Agency is an expert in the Phoenix Metropolitan area for both residential and commercial premises. We are skilled at responding quickly to dangers at your home or business. 

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