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A Commitment Beyond Service - Dive Into Our Core Principles and Values

McNine Security Agency prides itself on supplying passionate, professional, and smart security guards who are always punctual and never take advantage of their position. We are experts in supplying specialized security personnel to the commercial, corporate, and public sectors. Our Phoenix Metropolitan Area security company provides a comprehensive range of protective security services designed to achieve a high-profile authoritative presence giving you peace of mind that your property, employees, and visitors are in safe hands. We can deploy fully trained, vetted, licensed, and bonded security personnel anywhere in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area within hours.

McNine Private security coverage protection offers a comprehensive security plan or program that provides the highest possible level of protection against potential threats or risks for your business. Our bundled security coverage package is designed to address all possible security concerns, including physical security, digital security, personal protection, and emergency response.

Unlike other security companies, we decided to take a more holistic approach to private security. We believe individualized and compartmentalized coverage, which is industry-standard, does not provide maximum and optimum coverage for customers.

As a customer-centric enterprise, our goal is centered around providing premium service to our customers at an affordable price compared to specific high-priced contracts. During our visit to your facility and needs assessment, we shall work with you to create a program that is comprehensive, affordable, and sustainable.

Our Principles
  • Collaborate with other businesses to achieve specific and shared goals
  • Differentiation qualities in our services, products, and pricing that stand out
  • Reliable Team of highly trained, licensed, and bonded security officers
  • Encourage employee participation and teamwork through personalized and group recognition
  • Reward achievements and successful initiatives through promotion, incentives, and profit sharing
  • Constant development and training to improve knowledge/skills for performance/advancement
  • Technological employment of the latest software and communication device systems
Our Values

M– Making recommendations that address customer concerns and help solve their security issues

C– Creating value and an effortless customer experience

N– Negotiating deliverables, sequencing, and timing with the customer as the lead

I– identifying touchpoints, processes, training, and system gaps that exceed customer expectations.

N– Niche marketing of our bundle service that provides maximum coverage 24/7/365

E– Employees that provide personalized and meaningful support and services to our clients

We look forward to being your company of choice for all your security needs. Contact Us Today for a free quotation, and we PROMISE your business will never be left in an unsafe situation with McNine Security standing behind you!